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Monday, April 5, 2010

Noy Noy Is Not A Saint.

Hearing Noy Noy's latest statements transports me to the world of mafia films. Think of Good Fellas or The Departed−nasty movies wherein the God-Father is running the show. He is bad-ass. He tells and shows people what he can and what he will do in order to secure his empire. There's this movie though that dabbles with the funny side of mob culture. Search it up; it's called, Death to Smoochy. Here, a family of Italian mobsters bribes the host of a children's show to include their son in the popular children's program. Their son is 40+ years-old. He is autistic.

Noy Noy, Mafia Boy?
Earlier today, philstar.com reports several statements by Noy Noy in an attempt to sound clever and "saint-like" if and when he is elected as President. In the heat of the 2010 Elections, out of nowhere Noy Noy, as if the God-Father, fearlessly declares that he is to create a  commission that will "investigate and put closure on all of Mrs. Arroyo's deals in the past nine years." He adds, “We will also study and judge her appointments on a case-to-case basis, it will be done fairly and purely on the merits." 

Questions to Noy Noy Yabang Boy
Wow. Are you for real, Noy Noy?
In the three years that you had in the Senate, when the vile Hello Garci scandal broke, and the news that Media Killings continue to rise, where was this fearless effort of yours to scrutinize and guard closely the actions of GMA? Why did you not create this commission that you now so nobly talk about? Also, isn't the Senate itself a body intended to monitor the activities and dealings of the President if and when suspicious behavior occurs? Why do you pretend that this initiative of yours is something special, when in fact, it is but included in your original job as Senator and in which you have failed so miserably?

The truth is, Noy Noy is a dude with no balls. He is all talk, with no walk. I honestly thought he was nice; incompetent, yes, but nonetheless a nice person. Now, aside from news such as Hacienda Luisita, these statements all the more made me realize that he indeed shamelessly lies- he, in mainstream media, is telling people one thing but doing another. He is telling people that he will wage war against GMA; in short, he is saying that he will wage war against corruption when in fact, his life has proven otherwise. He is chicken. He never did anything while in Senate. No law. No active participation in implementing existing laws. He was not a catalyst of change, nor was he courageous enough to associate himself with the people who were and the people who are. I as a regular citizen honestly cannot recall any significant deed that Noy Noy endeavored in behalf of the Filipino people. This only proves one thing: Noy Noy is Mr. Play It Safe. And with the Philippine's current state, we cannot afford a President who has no balls and no brains. He is not the God-Father after all; he is that autistic 40+ year-old in Death To Smoochy whose parents were so powerful, they created a way to have their child in the most popular children's television show. Noy Noy is autistic for he seems to be living in another world; never was he really engaged in the political arena he is situated in. The 2010 Philippine Elections is the most popular children's television show today. Benigno and Cory are the powerful parents. And like that 40+ year-old who was no longer qualified to be part of a children's show because of, obviously, his age and autism, now Noy Noy too is not qualified to be in the running for President for he has neither the balls nor the brains for the job.

To end, I paraphrase here one promise of Noy Noy as reported in philstar.com. He says, "I shall enforce good governance." Tell me, Noy Noy, what is so good about you not doing your job as Soldier of the Filipino people? Where were you and the guts you now seem to possess when the Arroyo Administration was certainly fooling us? Where were you when laws were needed to be passed? Where were you when laws were needed to be implemented? Sad to say, even the phrase, "good governance" you seem not to know.

I call on everyone to make the right choice this 2010 Elections. These statements of Noy Noy prove that he will say anything, true or not, in order to WIN the Presidency. It seems that in the heat of the Philippine economic and political sun, a taste of Orange is refreshing. Go figure.


  1. A typical money Viliar fanatic (or a cheap paid blogger). Wonder how much money you got for such a biased article.

  2. this wasn't a biased epistle, he just expressed his own point of view.

  3. Jayce: Hi Jaycee! Why do you think the article is biased? What has Noy Noy Indeed done in the country?

    Websniper: Hi Websniper! Thanks bro for catching my back. What's your take on the Villar-Aquino debacle?

  4. both of them... nothing but blood suckers.. well.. all of the politicians we have right now... most especially the ones that are running... they're all good for nothing!

  5. Sethe: Hi Sethe! Well you do have a point. What's your take on abstaining?