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Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 Weeks Into Philippine Elections

There are exactly 11 working days before Elections. News have been spreading around. Manny Villar, the candidate of my choice, has been scrutinized due to the many technicalities of his achievements and public service. Noy Noy Aquino, because he has not done anything TANGIBLE and CONCRETE in behalf of the Filipino people, has been the target of many jokes and suspicious news. The facts still remain though: Villar is the more obvious competent leader and President. His ACTIONS and TRACK RECORD prove that he has the HEART FOR THE PEOPLE. Those who have directly benefited from the laws, scholarships, and environmental efforts of MBV are testament that the man has SKILLS to materialize what first begun as good intentions. Noy Noy on the other hand still owes the Filipino people some answers: (1) Tomcat's Open Letter to Manila Standard and now (2) Noy Noy's missing driver who was allegedly about to spill some bad beans about the Presidential Hopeful. In the next few days, iskongberde will be posting snippets from an article that rationally explains why NO ONE SHOULD VOTE for Noy Noy. Check these out:


1st reason why Noynoy is clueless: he thinks that if there is no corruption there will be no poverty.
Reality check:

Corruption certainly contributes to poverty, but corruption is everywhere, even in the greatest democracy and the richest country in the world, the USA. President Obama has surrounded himself with many senior appointees who have been proven to be tax evaders. Large US MNCs give out bribes as a regular way of doing business. Corruption is a way of life in the USA, but it is a very rich nation. While reducing corruption certainly is important, economic progress comes when those at the helm of government know what they are doing and have political will, like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.
Noynoy has no experience and will be quickly overwhelmed by the complexity of governance.

2nd reason why Noynoy is clueless: he thinks that since he is not corrupt, then there will be no corruption.
Reality check:

Corruption is unfortunately deeply ingrained in the Philippine political system. That is not to say that we should not do something about it. But it is to recognize that it is not only the President but those around him/her who matter. Cory was quite saintly, but Kamaganak Inc. rampaged through her Presidency. Frank Drilon, the President of the Liberal Party, is himself known as corrupt.
Noynoy has no governance experience, whether in business or politics, and those close to him can easily run circles around him.

What do you think? I believe these first of 12 reasons already says it all. 


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  2. "Noy Noy on the other hand still owes the Filipino people some answers..." ---> about what? Rumors being spilled by people who don't even have the guts to show themselves?

    Doesn't Manny Villar owe the Filipino people more answers, about where OUR money is going?

    It seems your blog only serves to attack Noynoy. If you truly believe that MBV is worthy of our vote, then show us WHY. People only resort to personal attacks when there's nothing more substantial to back up their claims.

    FYI: I'm voting for GORDON and BAYANI. Their track records speak for themselves. No lies. No corruption scandals. Only real and lasting progress.

    Kaibigan, hindi pa huli ang lahat. Sana gamitin mo nang maayos ang iyong blog para sa ikauunlad nating lahat.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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